Concave Football Boots

I was recently asked to photograph the very new range of Concave boots. It is certainly a very different approach to the design of Football boots and the launch and i wish them all the very best for the launch.

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David McArthur



Product Photography

Product Photography

Whether you need your images for catalogues, websites, advertisements we offer a complete product photography service. With fast turnaround, full client approval before acceptance, and courier service, Parallax Photography can offer high-quality product and pack photography services to customers around Australia.

Situated in St.Kilda East, Melbourne Parallax Photography  is well placed to provide you with the perfect images for your requirements. Our studio is equipped with the very latest technology that you would expect from a modern Commercial Photographer, and more, ensuring a fast and efficient turnaround of your product shots. Clients are always welcome at our studios to discuss their projects or attend the shoot.

Proof Photographs for approval are sent by email, and then the full resolution colour corrected image files in are saved in TIFF & JPEG  and delivered to clients via FTP or DVD data disk. High Resolution images are saved at 300dpi and are suitable for printing. Web ready 72dpi at any pixel size you require however these are generally 700 pixels on the longest dimension. Images are generally saved in the Srgb colour space unless the client requests and understands how to use the Adobe 1998 colour space. Fore more information about this please discuss this at your shoot.

We also offer a low cost deep etching (cutting the image out against a white or black background) service on basic product photography.  While every deep etching job needs to be quoted on beforehand the cost starts from around $10.00 per image.

E-commerce is increasing exponentially. Consumers without the ability to hold and use the products beforehand are coerced by great photography. Ultimately, the more attractive your products look to consumers, the more confident they’ll feel about purchasing from you.

Our wine bottle photography is of a very high standard. In our studio, every wine bottle we photograph particular attention is taken to render the details in label printing,  glass and  foil reflections. Photoshop retouching is also possible on images and this can be used to repair a damaged item or to further enhance the image in a particular manner.

To discuss a project or request a quote we can be contacted at the studio on 03 9525 8323 or via email us at