Architectural Photography

Photographing Architecture may seem like an easy task at first. The ability to read the building and interpret buildings assists in giving the images life that communicate the building to its audience.

The static nature of architecture is great for photographers in that it means that we can really plan a shot and minimize potential problems. The level of control the photographer has is unmatched in most other subjects in photography.

Choose your time of day carefully. Direct light is rarely interesting. Oblique light enhances contrast. Dawn and dusk light are beautiful times of day. Many buildings lend themselves to twilight or night views if there is adequate interior and exterior lighting.

As with more areas of photography, lighting is a crucial part of architectural photography. In the case of architecture the photographer will likely have no control over the orientation and position of the subject and little ability to affect the physical lighting of the structure – leaving focus on the use of natural lighting paramount.

At Parallax Photography we beleive the secret to great images is liaising with Architects and the Designers to understand the building and ensure this is communicated in the imagery.



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