Photography of Sculpture

Photography of sculpture requires an understanding of the work by the artist involved and also a not insignificant ability to use lighting to bring out texture and colour. It is crucial to work in conjunction with the artist to ensure the look and feel is consistent with the way they see their work.

The lighting needs to show the three dimensional form of the object, easier  said than done. Sometimes a hard light will need to be used to bring out all of the surface texture on the artwork and authorities a broad soft light is used. The light often comes from the top or the side but virtually never from the front. Maybe a reflector to fill the shadows is all that is needed.

I often gently digitally combine a number of captures and align the images in Adobe Photoshop where a reflective surface or other attributes of the artwork make it impossible to record in 1 shot. I guess this is like the “painting with light”technique of old.


I generally photograph small sculpture on a white background and use localised lighting often with the background going dark. I shoot with a Canon 5DsR onto a large screen calibrated monitor to check colour and contrast etc. My chosen software is Adobe Lightroom which I use to edit the images and find fast and acquire in the rendition of colour.

Have a look at a few recent examples that illustrate some of the techniques I mention.


David McArthur

Parallax Photography




Karleena Mitchel


Karleena Mitchel


Karleena Mitchel


Karleena Mitchel

Photography of Sculpture - Jenny Loft

Jenny Loft 2015


Stephen Benwell sculpture 2015

Stephen Benwell’s exhibition at Greenaway gallery in Adelaide

Stephen Benwell, a long time client of ours at Parallax Photography is having an exhibition of his recent Ceramics and Paintings in Adelaide at the Greenaway gallery from September the 19th till October the 21st. We wish Stephen a very successful exhibition!

We have just photographed the work for this exhibition and you can get a sneak peek of his very beautiful Ceramics and Paintings here.

David McArthur

Parallax Photography August 2012



Karleena Mitchel entry at Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2012

Karleena Mitchel never ceases to surprise me with with what work she brings to me for photography. This entry into the Woolhara Small Sculpture Prize is no exception.

Karleena’s artist statement reads ‘Art Attack’ refrs to the axing of the Queensland Premiers Literary Awards by the current Premier the philistine Campbell Newman. Form me as an immigrant, the annual Premiers’ list have functioned as a guide to the best reading. The barbarism of Newman’s act is reflected in the rawness of the work with its bloodied pick – a tool used for coal mining. The sculptures violence also reflects the disturbing extent to which art and artists are undervalued in Australia.

This years finalists can be found here

You can vote on Karleena’s work (or any other int he peoples choice awards) by going to the following link.