High Speed Photography


I first started out in Photography learning and working in the Scientific Photography field. I spent a lot of time photographing bullets piercing balloons and oranges and the like during my course. I did the Applied Science degree in Photography at R.M.I.T many years ago and then went on to work at the Materials Research Laboratories in Maribyrnong.

As much as I really enjoyed the technical side of Photography the scope to grow and learn in this area was very limited in Australia. I found myself more and more attracted to the more Commercial area of photography that I now work in.

I recently bought a brand new set of Pocket Wizards (Mini tt1 and Flex tt1) and set about learning how they operated. The units are capable of what they call “Hypersync” which is flash synchronisation at a high shutter speeds. This is very useful in bright outdoor environments where you are trying to “overpower” the sun.

Anyway during my playing around I took them into the studio and turned the flash power down really low. This allows for an extremely quick flash duration from the flash units and it is possible to “freeze” motion. I ended up photographing lemons and splashing blue food dye around. It was great fun and reminded me of where I first started out in Photography!


David McArthur


high speed photography